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Earth Care Odor Removal Bag

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6 Cans CB-80 Fly Knock down Aerosol Spray

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Lord of the Fruit Flies System 3 **Plus 3 Free Traps!

Lord of the Fruit Flies System 3 - Bio Foam System includes
6 Cans of Bio-Foam
9 Fruit Fly Traps
*****PLUS 3 TRAPS FREE!!*****

*Each Can is 16 oz’s Just like the foaming system, we have created a formula that takes away the hassle of mixing the bio drain and the foaming agent. It’s as easy as pressing a tab. This is a quality system that foams your drains to remove bacteria and ELIMINATE fruit flies,phorid flies and Moth Flies (drain flies) where they live breed. This is the easiest of the systems and ‘easy” usually makes it because it's easy to be done correctly.

Only $244.99
Directions for use :

Bio Foam Spray
1. Run about 2 gallons of tepid water into drain
2. Open can of Bio-Foam and press down on the nozzle pointing away from yourself and others. Press down on the nozzle to dispense foam.

NOTE: Shake well before using. Use in a well-ventilated area and avoid breathing spray mist. Foam cracks, crevices, drains and other scummy areas where flies may be breeding. Remember that small flies often aren't just breeding in drains, but can breed anywhere where, food, moisture or other organic matter can builds up and is undisturbed. Prime areas include, peeling away baseboards, machinery cracks, beverage line bundles, beverage fountain drip trays, under ice machines, voids around dishwashers, walk in coolers and tray conveyors.
NOTE: The foam will take a few hours to dissipate and should be left and not washed up. The foam will need to be in contact with the scum for a period of time ( at least an hour is ideal) to be most effective. Do not apply directly to food contact unless the surface is disinfected with a quaternary ammonia type disinfectant after treatment.

Fruit Fly Traps-
1. Carefully remove foil from top of container
2. Place the 10 hole top on the container
3. Place Traps in areas that are about 4-5 feet where you are seeing fruit flies.
4. Check traps in 2 days and see what you caught. The deceased fruit flies will appear as little black spots at the bottom of the cup.
If no flies are noticed in the trap, please place the trap in another location and check again after 2 days.
Happy Catching!
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