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Earth Care Odor Removal Bag

Only $24.99


6 Cans CB-80 Fly Knock down Aerosol Spray

Only $229.99

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The Most Advanced Drain Cleaning System to Eliminate Fruit Flies and Drain Flies.
1 qt flyfoam
1 gal biodrain
1 foamer
3 traps
1 konk

Only $199.99
1 QT of Flyfoam: Flyfoam is perfect for use with Lord of the Fruit Flies bio drain cleaner. The foaming agent is best used on drains, under sinks, refrigerators, base boards and crevices. *100% Natural, with no chemicals or pesticides. For restaurant and hotel use. 1 gallon of Bio Drain Bio Drain will eat through the bacteria in drains to stop flies from breeding, eliminating them at the source. The citrus oil provides a wonderful smell and some contact insecticidal activity.

This treatment will keep drains running freely and help prevent costly blockages.

Drain odors will quickly be eliminated when Bio Drain is in use. 3 Fly Traps: Scientifically designed to capture Drosphilia infestation through monitoring the count in the trap. Attracts several species of Drosphilia. Engineered with a 10-hole venting lid to optimize Drosophilia exposure to vapors emitted from the liquid attractant. Designed to attract adult fruit flies from short distances. 1 can of Konk Konk is an aerosol (Pyrethrin) spray that can be used as a quick kill, reducing populations of flying insects. Kills flies, mosquitoes, gnats, small flying moths, repels cockroaches. Perfect for food establishments and comes with USDA approval. 1 Foamer This easy to use foamer is used with our Foaming System. Lightweight and works on air pressure.