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<b>Lord of the Fruit Flies Fruit Fly Trap<b><br> <b>GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE FRUIT FLY TRAP:</b><br> We Guarantee that our Lord of the Fruit Fly Traps will capture and kill Fruit Flies or your money back!<br> These traps are perfect for Restaurants, hotels, eateries and homes. <br> COMMON USE AREAS: </b><br>These traps work best when they are placed a few feet away from the infested areas. <br> Place our Lord of the Fruit Fly traps behind bars near soda fountains and various types of service areas. <br> Traps should be checked daily. It is possible if 3 traps are placed that 2 may be catching and one not. If that is the case, move the one that is not into a new location. You will know if you caught fruit flies by carefully opening the cup and see if there are black spots on the bottom of the cup. If there are, then you have begun to catch fruit flies and you should leave the cup where it was, close thye top and leave it for 30 days before replacing with a new cup.

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<b>INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:</b><br> 1. The best way to use these traps is to place the traps within a few feet of where fruit flies are seen. Do not put the traps exactly where the fruit flies are but within a few feet of the flies. The traps do not want competition with whatever is attracting them. We want to capture and kill these flies when they are flying away from the infested areas. Place the trap where they will not be disturbed or tipped.. Keep traps about 3"-4" off the ground.<br> 2. Avoid placing traps over food preparation areas or exposed food to minimize fruit fly activity and attraction in this area. <br> 3. It is important that you look into the traps after the first 48 hours and see what you have captured. To do this, just carefully take off the top and look into the cup. If you have captured, you will see black dots at the bottom of the cup. These are the fruit flies that are disintegrating. <br> <br>4. Discard traps after 30-days of use and replace with new traps<br>